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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are a leading provider of expert facilities management, medical and hygiene services to businesses and organisations of all kind, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Who is Initial?

Initial’s service-based business has several different divisions operating in over 40 countries around the world. Services we provide include washroom hygiene, as well as kitchen and office hygiene services.

Our local technicians are fully trained and deliver quality hygiene services that offers peace of mind and improves your business' hygiene levels. Learn more about Initial:


Initial began trading in 1903 when an American, Mr. A.P. Bigelow, started a towel rental service for London businesses. Each customer had their initials embroidered on their towels – and so the Initial Towel Supply Company was born. In time the business grew and expanded into many other countries. Acquired by the Rentokil group in 1996, it was renamed Rentokil Initial. Rentokil added international know-how and business acumen to the group’s operations, and today the two businesses still trade separately under the Rentokil and Initial brand names.

Since 1908, Initial in Kenya has been growing steadily by focusing on, and meeting customer needs. 

Culture and Values

Initial’s lean central management devolves operational responsibility to the local level. We invest in recruitment, training and technology. Empowering employees through development programmes improves customer service. All employees follow our Code of Ethics and we also follow Employment Good Practice guidelines.

This means:

  • Putting customers first.
  • Doing least possible harm to the environment in our operations.
  • Being fair and open in all dealings with staff and customers.

People Matter

Service is all about people. Providing your staff with well-serviced washrooms allows them to get on with the job.

Our People

Our staff are trained to be responsive, efficient and friendly. What matters to them is the standard of service we provide to your business. Many customers value the contribution Initial service staff make to both staff morale and business efficiency.

Your People

Until something goes wrong, washroom services can seem a low priority. But your staff need well-serviced washrooms and reliable clinical waste services. Contracting for these services with Initial shows your staff that you care about their comfort and convenience – and frees you to concentrate on your key business issues.

Our Approach

We’ve studied service for many years. We start by understanding your needs and then put in place levels of service to meet them. We’ve invested heavily in people, systems and processes that deliver highly integrated services in measurable ways – whatever your business.

Whenever you deal with Initial – however many services you choose to contract for – you’ll always enjoy a single point of contact, a dedicated account manager with complete oversight of all your requirements, and one simple, itemised invoice each month. Your account manager monitors performance, and may suggest modifications from time to time.

Building Trust

In washroom hygiene services, reliability is vital. That’s where we start building trust – by always delivering efficient, timely, contractually agreed service.

Trust grows through attention to detail. We monitor your needs and work proactively to meet them. At Initial, we take time to understand how your business works and we're well placed to anticipate demands and problems and act accordingly. We also build trust through our versatility – we’re big enough to meet the needs of the largest customer, but responsive enough to satisfy the smallest.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, trust us to fit in with you.

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