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Rentokil Initial Acquires Envirofresh


Rentokil Initial plc (RTO), one of the world’s leading providers of business support services, today announces that it has acquired EnviroFresh Limited for a total consideration of £9 million in cash. EnviroFresh is an innovative UK company which specialises in the provision of effective, environmentally-friendly washroom products.

EnviroFresh was established in June 2000. It has developed and patented a product for men's urinals called SaniSleeve, which together with its EnviroFlush system, deals comprehensively with all common urinal problems, reducing operating and maintenance costs, and improving hygiene. In particular, the system reduces flush water usage for business customers by up to 90%.

Rentokil Initial will look to expand the use of the SaniSleeve product and EnviroFlush system across its businesses, while at the same time continuing to develop the business using a wide range to routes to market including distributors and other third parties.

Henry Chandler, Divisional Managing Director - Initial Textiles and Washroom services, said: “Water usage is a major cost and environmental focus for businesses around the world and as a result of today’s agreement we will be able to offer our customers an innovative solution which can cut flush water usage by up to 90%. As a leading supplier of washroom services our aim is to maintain product and service innovation, focused on the needs of our customers, as well as providing market leading solutions to raise standards in the washroom environment.”


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