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Stainless Steel Air Freshener Fan

Provide a fresh washroom environment

Eliminating unpleasant odours within your washroom helps to ensure a clean and fresh-smelling washroom that is welcoming to both your visitors and employees.

The placement of an automatic air freshener within your washroom provides a simple and hassle-free odour removal solution.

  • Protection

    The surface is specifically designed to enhance hygiene services standards and to make cleaning easier

  • Design

    Fully programmable air freshener device that gives customers the flexibility to adjust the frequency of fragrancing

  • Quality

    Reliable and durable, tested to last with a lifetime guarantee

  • Service

    Our air freshener service is tailored to your usage levels and ensures you never run out of fragrance between service intervals

  • Consumables

    Air freshener fragrances contain AromaGuard™ technology, designed to specifically target washroom malodours


  • The stainless steel air freshener fans are simple to wipe clean and fingerprint resistant
  • Sleek & contemporary Norwegian design, exclusive to Initial
  • Long battery life
  • Programmable to allow for different working hours/days to avoid energy and fragrance wastage
  • 5 air fragrance choices
  • Continuous, gentle fragrance dispersal into the room
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Robust, vandal-resistant construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Tamper-proof, lockable cover
  • Battery low indicator on servicing
Material – Stainless Steel
Capacity –  1x 100 ml pot
Dimensions – H 219mm x W 119mm x D 91mm
Weight – 900g

We offer an on-trend range of air freshener fan fragrances containing AromaGuard™ technology to tackle odours.

  • Peach Nectar
  • English Lavender
  • Sweet Mandarin
  • Cotton Breeze
  • Spring Blossom

Recommended product location

  • In washrooms up to 30m3, one air freshener fan unit is suggested. Larger washrooms may require more units
  • Air freshener fans are installed above door height, near cubicles and urinals
  • The air refresher units are serviced by Initial


  • Air freshener fans are installed by an Initial Service Technician
  • The automatic air freshener dispenser is mounted on the wall with screws or adhesive pads

Service promise

  • Customer care line for enquiries
  • Air freshener fans are installed within 1 day of the customer signing contract
  • Free repair or replacement within lifetime of contract with Initial


  • Within 2 days of recorded notification
  • Disposal

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