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Deep Clean Hygiene Treatment

A five-star hygiene service for your toilet cubicle

Initial’s Deep Clean Hygiene Treatment is a specialised washroom hygiene service delivered by trained Initial specialists to sanitise toilet fixtures and surfaces. 

We ensure that you meet your hygiene and waste management requirements in the washroom environment.

What we can offer you

  • Unique and globally patented formula
  • Our Deep Clean Hygiene Treatment is delivered by trained, skilled and supervised personnel
  • Saves time and is cost-effective; making bathroom accessories last longer
  • Our toilet cubicle cleaning service maintains the life of toilet fixtures
  • Excellent washroom hygiene shows an investment in staff and clients
  • Elimination of bacteria in the toilet area reduces cross contamination and employee absenteeism
  • Our Deep Clean Hygiene Treatment offers protection from microbial cross-infection
  • Effective maintenance of high quality hygiene standards of toilet facilities
  • Safe removal of organic and inorganic deposits without damage to bathroom accessories and equipment

 Why make use of our Deep Clean Hygiene Treatment?

Our Deep Cleaning Hygiene Treatment makes use of internationally patented and comprehensively effective chemical preparations to eliminate pathogens, organic deposits, odour and scale in your toilet facilities. 

These preparations have been specially developed to achieve maximum results in keeping your toilet area hygienic, without risk to the toilet facility user or environment.  Our expert toilet hygiene solution reaches every area of concern – far more than can be reached by the daily cleaner.

Did you know that toilet flushing rims, fittings and surrounding areas of each of your toilet cubicle units are exposed to continuous deposits of feacal matter and other harmful bacteria? This build-up creates a washroom environment suitable for bacterial and other pathogenic organisms to flourish, which toilet users come into constant contact with.  

Our advanced toilet cubicle deep cleaning service will ensure that harmful bacteria are removed, and the risks of cross-infection are eliminated, leaving you with ultra-hygienic and comfortable washroom area – and a positive user experience.

Trust the experts to provide an expert toilet and urinal deep cleaning service:

With our Deep Clean Hygiene Treatments you can choose a one-off visit at your request or we can ensure a regular deep cleaning service is included through your service contract. 

Please contact us to find out how we can provide you with the ultimate solution in washroom hygiene services for your business.

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